• *friend sees me drunk and leaning on the wall*
  • friend: you good?
  • *i look up slowly*
  • me: are YOU GOOD?! shit im just chillin
1:Full name 2:Age: 3:Fears 4:things I love 5: 4 turns on 6: 4 turns off 7: My best friend 8: Sexual orientation 9: My best first date 10: How tall am I 11: What do I miss 12: Favourite color 13: Do I have a crush 14: Favourite quote 15: Favourite place 16: Favourite food 17: First thing I notice in new person. 18: ever done a prank call? 19: favourite song.

1. Nathan Eriksson
2. 20y/o
3. Hights, Disappointment and world fights
4. I love Basketball Music and Art.
5. A good shaped bum, humble girls, pretty eyes, curly hair. Huge turn on if she can dress.
6. Ignorance, hybris, a bad breath and when she has bad taste in music.
7. Like i dont have one bestfriend, i got like a bestfriend that jumps into other vessels, i keep my circle tight.
8. Im straight.
9. With my ex girlfriend.
10. Height: 6’2 
11. A special person and being a child
12. Black and sun yellow orange
13. Yeah
14. “What meant to be will always find a way”
15. My favorite place is on the basketball court.
16. Food, but I really like chicken yo.
17. Clothes then personality
18. Ofc
19. Aloe blacc - Red velvet seat.

My current relationship status/ Tattoos and piercing i have /The reason I joined Tumblr/ When did I last hold hands? How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?/ Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?/ When was the last time I hugged someone?/ What is something I disliked about today?/ If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?/ What do I think about most?/ What’s my strangest talent?/ Do I have any strange phobias?

1. Single.
2. no tatts yet, 2 piercings.
3. To express my thoughts better, and i like the art on tumblr, tumblr is just better.
4. I dont even remember the last time i held hands, long time ago like 1,5 years ago maybe.
5. Lol im slow, but thats just cause i want to chill hate to stress. And because of my phone haha
6. Reasonable level. But it depends on the mode i got. You could see me turning it up when i wanna turn up too
7. Like 3 days ago
8. I dislike that all the negative energi of this day, even though i cant feel it right now.
9. I would like to meet makaveli.
10. The one my hearts longing for.
11. That’s a hard one, im really good at pointing out peoples look alikes LOL thats a pretty strange talent.
12. I have a phobia for ignorance.